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Masterpiece starscream is an absolutely fantastic toy, make no mistake. Masterpiece mp11t thundercracker article posted in transformers discussion. Thundercracker had another trine before they died in the battle between the ark and the nemesis on the flight to earth. Due to the difference between different monitors, the pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item. Magic square msb26 tornado team starscream thundercracker. In season one frank welker voiced 7 of the original decepticons. Masterpiece thundercracker is misassembled as well. The only reason he wasnt was because starscream was, and that conniving, ruthless, manipulative fool of a seeker would stop sleeping with megatron if he dared demote him. The only mp11 for thundercracker is a hasbro one that came out a few years ago. Thundercracker transformers works archive of our own.

It is much easier to pick out faults in something youve seen seen times before when it doesnt have that wow factor of being a brand new mold. Masterpiece thundercracker toys r us exclusive is an action figure with accurate likeness. There are many toys of starscream and where there is a starscream toy. Starscream has a lot of sentimental connections for me my first ever decepticon toy as a child, so hes always the one id want meaning i cant compare with the hasbro thundercracker of the same mould in fact, thundercracker was always my least favourite seeker. Mp11t is, across hasbro and takara, the second version of thundercracker to use the mp11 mould. Mp11 is far more angular than mp03, with every detail from the air intakes back being different. These have standard peg sizes that allow the weapons to be swapped between figures. When takara tomy took a second look at the masterpiece seeker mold and released a new starscream only four years after the divisive original, it was only natural for hasbro to follow suit. Pocket toys pt01 pt02 pt03 starscream thundercracker. Hasbro transformers leader starscream action figure for. This trio of figures are now going up for preorder at various sites, starscream being a single pack while thundercracker and skywarp are sold as a twopack. Yes 90 big ones is steep, but if your a collector you have to own this.

Compare the detail sizes with yours, please allow cm error, due to manual measurement. He may look small at first glance, but dont be fooled this one is highly recommended for any oldschool transformer fan. This is surprising, it turns out there is an actual difference between the most recent release of masterpiece skywarp and the hasbro asia release of two years ago. He didnt care if they had come for him again, didnt care that it was too soon, he just wanted to find that of him that was missing. Starscream transforms into a lockheed martin f22 raptor. This mold was recolored into masterpiece ghost starscream 2010, japan. A takara tomy, cartoonaccurate masterpiece decepticon strike plane thundercracker. The blue guy, henceforth to be called thundercracker, is an f15 eagle in his vehicle mode. There are many additional versions of starscream, for more information see our g1 starscream toy table.

G1 thundercracker skywarp and starscream tribute youtube. Apr 26, 2020 explore georgiapope27s board starscream, skywarp, and thundercracker. Differences between takara and hasbro mp11 sw masterpiece. Mp03 is truly awesome, though not without its problems many loathed the tail fins hanging off the hips, for example and the remold seemed, on the surface, to fix all the major issues. This mold was later used for the masterpiece version of thundercracker. Starscream almost always is portrayed with the same characterization. There are notable differences between this release and the original. This isnt the first time the movie universe has seen thundercracker in toy form.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Starscream is a fictional character in the transformers franchise. It can be either stored and treasured as a valuable collectors item, or enjoyed as a fun addition to any game. A repaint of masterpiece starscream, masterpiece thundercracker was. Masterpiece starscream has been released with the title of mp06 skywarp. Differences between takara and hasbro mp11 sw masterpiece skywarp this is surprising, it turns out there is an actual difference between the most recent release of masterpiece skywarp and the. Micron legend starscream also had better paint apps on the decepticon insignias. This is a tribute to thundercracker skywarp and starscream from transformers g1. I have a good sized collection of takara masterpiece transformers even the three coneheads made from the mp11 mold, and starscream just straight up feels cheap in comparison. Magic square msb26 tornado team starscream thundercracker skywarp set of 3. Like the berkut, starscream features wings that sweep forward instead of back and dual horizontal and vertical stabilizers.

Thundercracker looked up when the door into his cage was unlocked, rising on unsteady legs. If you dont care for the crown and cape, wait for hasbro to release mp11 in october to save a bit of case the hasbro one is expected to retail for 100. Transformers takara masterpiece collection mp07 thundercracker. Do reference the coolyooyu guides where available, as the photos are extremely detailed and often delve into differences in the toys that the other id guides.

It is a common misconception that the stoic face on takaras masterpiece starscream, skywarp, and thundercracker are the same, when all of them are in fact different sculpts. No interest in a minor character like sunstorm at this price point. The transformers wiki entry on animated starscream lists his real life vehicle influence as the su47 berkut experimental fighter jet from russia. Is it possible that masterpiece skywarp will show up in us markets like starscream recently did. When in jet mode, he can simulate the presence of a human pilot, the same holographic model referred to as mustache man onset and in the credits that pilots blackout and drives barricade. As starscream and skywarp were the only surviving seekers, he was forced to trine with them and all is not well. The head sculpt is very different to starscreamthundercracker, not least due to the large fin rising from his crown. Was seen in starscreams coronation due to an animation error. The hasbro thundercracker from a few years ago was more toy coloured and had tampos of reflector and. Stumbling towards the door, he didnt hesitate, not even when a figure entered. Formerly being a scientist, starscream is a treacherous, high ranking decepticon who turns into a jet and is known to often. New images of dstyle starscream, thundercracker, and skywarp.

Pocket toys pt01 pt02 pt03 starscream thundercracker skywarp coneheads set of 3 material. Though the masterpiece line is largely developed by takara takaratomy with the japanese market in mind, the line is also distributed by hasbro in asian markets outside japan, and in australia as target and toysrus exclusives. I want starscream to look like he did in the cartoon, not a real fighter jet. The original masterpiece starscream, released in 2006, was heralded as one of the best figures from the first run of the line. Here is a video about showing the difference between a knock off transformers product as oposed to the real deal. Masterpiece thundercracker is a great figure and personally i like that each of the three seekers have elements that make them different and unqiue as it implies character and personality. The exceptions were starcream christopher collins, thundercracker john stephenson, shockwave corey burton, and reflector three identical robots with christopher collinss voice. In this video i show the differences in the generation 1 soundwave box from both. The id guides are a mix of produced and those provided by other transformer collectors, such as e3nine from tfw2005 and coolyooyu of the chinese transformers message boards. Transformation toys op ironhide starscream prowl figures. Starscream leader champion bottom line the best,biggest, badass,movie starscream donestarscream has the lights and sounds,popout weapons, arm converts to cannon with attachable firing missile launcher just like in the movie,jet engine and atomic conversion sounds as well as lightup eyes and chest. See more ideas about transformers art, transformers and transformers prime. With the promotion of the retooled mp11 masterpiece starscream, i would like to take a look back at the previous iteration of the figure that both delighted and annoyed many a fan.

Please show some love to jon for me and check out his channel and subscribe. A great deal on thundercracker had me grab the figure, and now i own 4 copies of the mold well, 3, with hotlink on preorder. Thundercracker and skywarp custom skystrikers once i found some skystrikers on sale, i knew that i had to make thundercracker and skywarp to go along with my sdcc starscream. Make the jump to see some of the new images and sound off in the discussion thread if these are making it into your collection. The earthrise starscream has a long, boxy torso with no real waste and a skirt that contributes to the boxy look from the. The difference between armada starscream and micron legend is that armada was all just crappy gray plastic, while micron was white with brighter reds iirc, and looked way nicer. Starscream is armed with a rotary cannon, missile launchers and a saw. He is a redeco of the masterpiece mp3 starscream mold in black, gray, silver, and purple, though the purple and silver are more minimal than usual. Masterpiece skywarp was released in japan in september of 2007.

In profile, the differences between the mp03 air commander starscream and mp11 new leader starscream become obvious. Transformers takara tomy masterpiece mp11t thundercracker. Finally picked up the new masterpiece starscream mp11. Im going to go through a few thoughts on the toy and then do a comparison with the walmart version of mp3 starscream. Coming courtesy of tag hobby, weve got a great set of new images for dstyle starscream, thundercracker, and skywarp. The color of the jet is beautiful when compared to masterpiece starscream or skywarp although i rate skywarp a close second. There is no difference in the plastic between the two white versions and neither have the brittle plastic like the green one had. Thundercrackers is a little more brittle then white starscream and skywarps is too, but not nearly as bad as green starscreams. Mold updates of masterpiece starscream includes the very first time with.

Thundercrackers sensible, straightedged nature would have theoretically made him the perfect air commander. As one of my thundercrackers had part of his plastic crack, so i replaced him. Skywarp is able to switch between a minimally retooled stoic face and a new snarly face, retooled from starscreams previous smirk. One of the second wave figures to be released for dark of the moon is thundercracker, a redeco of starscream with a weapon swap out more on that in a bit. Transformers takara tomy masterpiece mp11t thundercracker robots toys gift. Youre a great friend and your friendship is priceless to me so this gift was small in comparison. Since i know how much she loves starscream and i love thundercracker so i just had to make this. Hasbro masterpiece bluestreak and starscream official. In what is considered to be a major drawback to the toy, the majority of its parts have to. He is one of the most prolific characters in the transformers fictional work, appearing in almost all incarnations of the story.

First step is to as completely as is reasonably possible disassemble all the parts. He provided the voices of megatron, soundwave, skywarp, rumble, frenzy, laserbeak screeches, and ravage growls. Skywarp is the name of several fictional characters in the transformers toy line. In what is considered to be a major drawback to the toy, the majority of its parts.

I just got this and i love it starscream being my favorite character you cant do better than this. The paint is better, the quality of the plastic is better, and yet this walmart exclusive costs only about as much as the japanese. Cybertronian hovercraft more than meets the eye part 1 turned into scourge in the transformers. Includes starscream thundercracker and skywarp 12212017 pictures updated.

Masterpiece mp11t thundercracker article transformers. The mp11 coronation for starscream is awesome, but still pricy150200. As a line aimed towards collectors, masterpiece transformers tend to be very expensive. Differences between takara and hasbro mp11 sw masterpiece skywarp. This figure was available exclusively at walmart stores in 2007. What had me worried was the thinsoft feel of the plastic, several loose joints, gaps in jet mode, and a. Takara tomy transformers masterpiece mp11 starscream. Takara tomy masterpiece laserwave transformers shockwave. This figure was remolded into masterpiece thundercracker 2008, japan. He is a redeco of the masterpiece mp3 starscream mold in black, gray. Hasbro masterpiece bluestreak and starscream official images posted on july 9, 2015 at 10. List of the transformers tv series characters wikipedia. We will leave positive feedback after reveive the payment, please give us.

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