Wd my book essential remove smartware

An incomplete wd smartware uninstall can result in program lockups, slow pc performance, system freezes, shut down and startup problems, and installation errors. Its a very long story, but the gist is i have a western digital my book studio 1 tb external hard drive. While it worked, it was a great drive, you can format it to remove the smartware, there is a built in pcp board that encrypts the data however. Tips for getting started with the wd my book backup drive mikes. Compared with wd drive utilities, aomei partition assistant is compatible with more hard drives. Protect your data automaticallycontinuous backup instantly makes a second copy whenever you add or change a file. How to fix wd my passport access denied in windows 1087.

Wd passport essential, and smartware removal pc storage. It installed a pointless virtual cd drive on my system. My book essential edition user manual getting started 1 getting started thank you for purchasing this wd product. When you find the program wd smartware installer, click it, and then do one of the following. When i highlight all the files and folders, it shows about 8. Wd smartware, a software developed by western digital technologies, inc. Both wd drive utilities and aomei partition assistant can help you with the task. I have my book essential 3tb, it was very easy to unlock the drive when it was locked without smartware running. Using your computers file management utility to open the wd unlocker virtual.

I recently got a western digital mybook external hard drive to enable time machine. I am going to replace the drive with an identical spare that works. A small portion of drive space on your new my passport or my book hard drive has been used to create a virtual cd vcd. Up to 3x faster transfer rates my book desktop storage is optimized for the fastest possible data transfer rates. How to disassemble a wd mybook essential hdd snapguide. Tutorial how to fix no writable wd smartware partition.

How to disable the western digital vcd smartware on mypassport. My book western digital store western digital store. When you find the program wd smartware, click it, and then do one of the following. My book duo desktop raid storage wd discovery software for wd backup, wd security and wd drive utilities usbc to usbc cable usbc to usba cable ac adapter disk replacement tool quick install guide. This post will cover how to remove wd smartware virtual driver from wds mybook. While it worked, it was a great drive, you can format it to remove the smartware, there is a built in pcp board. Western digital enables new smartware software on my book. The guy showed me how to uninstall the backup software and the virtual drive. Unlock my book without wd smartware external drives for. How do i remove this smartware software from my drive. With this tools, i cannot delete the 2 partitions and create one. Here, useful instructions and tutorials are created to help you fix the issue on western digital hard drive and recover lost partition data. I did everything 123 under step up drive using the usb connectivities. My wd my book external drive, i can access it, and only a few files are visible, most of the folders which used to have files in them show 0 bytes and are empty.

Fixing the problem to quickly and effectively remove all remnants of wd smartware from the windows registry and optimize your computer performance, it is highly recommended that you. Fix no writable wd smartware partition found and recover. How do you remove the wd smartware virtual cd drive from. Start the wd smartware drive unlock utility by either. Wd smartware software user manual about the wd smartware software 1 about the wd smartware software wd smartware software is an easytouse backup application that gives you the power to. I went to the wd knowledge base site to find out how to get rid of the thing and read that wd did not know how to get rid of it, but was. I have been using wd smartware to create backups of my pc.

If you navigate to the drive and delete the folder named wd smartware this will delete all previous backups performed by the software. It has its software installed on a virtual cd called wd smartware which. Windows users click here a small portion of drive space on your new my passport or my book hard drive has been used to create a virtual cd vcd. Weve been shipping our new my book and my passport drives with wd. My problem is to delete smartware partition udf and add free space for my data.

This installer wd drive utilities and wd security, are contained within the wd drive utilities and the wd security zip files and installs custom. If wd ever release a software update enabling us to get rid of it somehow, someone please let me know. Wd smartware a control center for your drive that gives you the power to. There is a tool wd smartware virtual cd manager but this sofware just hidden the smartware partition. Just plug it in and save your valuable data, music, photos, and movies. Unfortunately, this wasnt an obvious process and this excellent article by scott cramer didnt apply to the newer version 1 tb drive enclosure i have.

Click the remove or changeremove tab to the right of the program. Out of principle now i will never buy another western digital product. My book essential hard drive is not recognized by windows. Equipped with wd backup software for windows and apple time machine compatibility for mac, the my book desktop hard drive can back up your photos, videos. So if the enclosure malfunctions, you cant recover your data, even if you pull the sata hard drive out and try to put it in another enclosure or put it into your computer as an internal hard drive. My recently purchased 1tb my book essential shows only 930gb of. How to back up a windows computer with wd smartware. Backing up your computer files existing file that is changed in any way this protection is automaticthe wd smartware software does it for you without any action on your partjust make sure to leave your my book drive connected to your computer. Compatibility can vary, depending on hardware configuration and operating system.

Millions of people around the world trust their data to my book desktop storage. My book essential edition is a small, elegant, and easytouse usb external hard drive. Instructions to disassemble a western digital mybook essentials usb external hard disk drive. My problem is to delete smartware partition udf and add free space. Western digital my book opening the case removing the.

The external hard drive also has additional files stored on it that are not related to the wd smartware backups. This booklike shape takes up minimal space on your desk and allows two or. Designed to meet wds demanding requirements for durability, shock tolerance, and longterm reliability, we back up pun intended. I have 9 computers in total in my household, of which 7 are desktops which i built myself using wd hdds. So here you go, the steps required to disassemble a newstyle western digital my book drive enclosure. Also, i managed to get the elabel working with usb. How do i remove a mybooks wd smartware virtual cd from my. How can i unlock wd external hard drive without losing all. My book essential user manual about your wd drive 3 operating system compatibility your my book essential drive and the wd smartware software are compatible with the following operating systems.

To safely remove the program, the wrong way is to locate its folder, rightclick it and select delete, while. Should i remove wd smartware installer by western digital. Then launch the wd smartware on your new system, you might need a reboot, you should beable to go to backup and have the ability to run backup again and start over. Wd smartware backsup your files in a folder on the my book drive called \wd. I recently needed to removed the drive from a western digital my book external usbesata drive enclosure. A workaround for removing western digitals smartware. Wd my book essentials 1tb 12v replacement power supply.

How to remove smartware udf partition wd portable drives. Wd my passport not recognized or become inaccessible in windows or mac due to no writable wd smartware partition found error. How to remove wd smartware virtual drive jared heinrichs. It automatically protects your files, photos and documents with on premise backups to a wd drive as primary. As always, this booklike shape takes up less space on your desk and allows two or more my book drives to nestle neatly together like volumes on a shelf. Western digital my book essential edition 1tb usb 2. Western digital provides data storage solutions, including systems, hdd, flash ssd, memory and personal data solutions to help customers capture and preserve their most valued data. Western digital hard drive data recovery definitive guide. Remove wd smartware expert guide to help you uninstall.

Unlocking the drive without the wd smartware software whenever you connect your passwordprotected drive to a computer that does not have the wd smartware software installed, you can use the wd smartware drive unlock utility to unlock the drive there. The vcd contains the wd smartware installation software, the encryption and password protection application, user manuals, and other resource files. A progress bar shows you how long it will take to remove wd smartware. Software and firmware downloads wd support western digital. This is a dead no longer functioning western digital mybook usb external hard disk drive.

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