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After deploying the test, associate it with respondus lockdown browser following the instructions below. When utilized, students must take the test using the lockdown browser they installed on their windows or mac computer. In blackboard learn original view, lockdown browser uses the test password functionality to ensure students are using lockdown browser to access the test. A course using lockdown browser usually provides the download link to the installer.

Install respondus lockdown browser blackboard help for. If you enable lockdown browser for a blackboard tests, students will be unable to copy, print, access other applications, visit other websites, or close the test until it is submitted. Using a webcam with respondus if your exam requires the use of a webcam sometimes referred to as respondus monitor, follow steps 15 above and then youll be guided through a brief set of screens prior to the start of the. From the control panel in blackboard, locate the course tools section and select the link respondus lockdown browser. Students taking a test with respondus lockdown browser. Used primarily at over higher education and k12 institutions, the browser is the most trusted product of modern learning institutions, administrators, professors, and students. Lockdown browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment for tests taken in blackboard. On the respondus lockdown browser dashboard, locate the test you would like students to take with the lockdown browser. Blackboard students download and open lockdown browser. Respondus lockdown browser is special browser that attempts to prevent cheating during a blackboard test. Blackboard saas building block instructions respondus.

Respondus lockdown browser provides a more secure online testing. Respondus is compatible with windows and mac computers, and can also be used on an ipad via the respondus ipad app. If you do not have rldb installed, you can download and install it now. Students taking a test with respondus lockdown browser viewed 2674 times since thu, may 16, 2019 faculty and students common issues with respondus lockdown browser and monitor on mac. Respondus lockdown browser and monitor are products instructors can use to improve the integrity of the tests they give in blackboard. Heres how to set up a blackboard test using respondus lockdown browser. Respondus lockdown browser recommends a wired internet connection rather than wifiwireless connection because the test will freezestop.

When a test is configured to use lockdown browser, a random password is added under the blackboard. It also hides or forces you to close other applications. If your faculty requires that you use the respondus lockdown browser for your test in blackboard, you need to download and install the. The video will also display what the student will have to do before they take the test with respondus lockdown browser and respondus monitor. Click the install button to install lockdown browser to your computer. Respondus lockdown browser and monitor blackboard help for. Note that respondus staff typically respond within. Since you are not yet in the exam, close the lockdown browser. The student opens respondus lockdown browser, goes to blackboard, and opens the exam. Go to the course which has the exam you want to take. If a blackboard test requires that respondus lockdown browser be used, you.

Instructor specifies that the test will utilize respondus lockdown browser. Select your language and then c lick the next button. Check the box next to respondus lockdown browser and click submit. Unfortunately, it does not work with chromebooks at this time. Create and deploy a test as you normally would in blackboard, taking care. At wichita state, instructors have two proctoring options to choose from with respondus. Deploy the test in a content area of your blackboard course. The lockdown browser settings menu will open beneath the tests title 5. If you are being asked to take a test using respondus lockdown browser, with or without monitor, you will need to download the program before you take your test. Respondus lockdown browser is a web browser exclusively for blackboard used by students to access and take tests created by their professors. If you cannot resolve the issue, you can submit a support ticket.

Remind your students they must download, install, and open the lockdown browser application to take this test. Taking a test with respondus monitor student guide. Click on the download respondus lockdown browserlink. Respondus lockdown browser student handout blackboard 9. If you did not enter a password on the respondus options page, you do not need to give students or testing center any password. The lockdown browser is like a normal browser, except that once you click begin on your test, it prevents you from opening word documents.

Lockdown browser works with macs, windows devices, and ipads. The respondus lockdown browser the respondus lockdown browser increases the security of online testing for blackboard administered tests and quizzes. This special password, which is used by lockdown browser, shouldnt be edited by the instructor within blackboard doing so will prevent lockdown browser from working with the test. The student wont be able to begin the attempt without downloading respondus lockdown browser. If your instructor is using lockdown browser, or lockdown browser with monitor, read this information to help ensure you have a problemfree experience. Students also need respondus tools to view submitted attempts for secure assessments. Taking a test with respondus lockdown browser ultra bb courses make sure you have respondus lockdown browser installed on your computer. Used at over 1500 higher educational institutions, lockdown browser is the gold standard for securing online exams in classrooms or proctored environments. When the page opens, you will see download links for both windows and mac. It also includes the ability to convert a test created in microsoft word into a blackboard format. It prevents you from printing, copying, going to another url, or accessing other applications during a test. Download ualrs installer for respondus lockdown browser.

The install file will download for your operating system mac or windows. Download respondus lockdown browser for windows free 1. Respondus lockdown browser university information technology. Respondus lockdown browser is a locked browser for taking tests in blackboard learn. It is a custom browser developed by respondus, inc. University of houston blackboard learn 9 respondus. The respondus lockdown browser building block publishes a special password to the password field for the blackboard test. Knowledge base link and then select respondus lockdown browser as the product. How instructors can apply the lockdown browser requirement to an exam in blackboard learn.

Lockdown browser prevents a student from accessing any other materials, including internet browsers or other software, while the assessment is open. Use the dropdown arrow that precedes the tests title 3 to open a contextual menu and select modify settings 4. If your problem is with a webcam, select respondus monitor as your product. Allow at least 15 minutes to download and install the respondus program, or plan to do it a day or two before you take the test. Respondus lockdown browser ldb alone, or respondus ldb with monitor. What do i do when respondus lockdown browser freezesstops responding after i entered blackboard course, but before i started the test. Inclass blackboard exams using respondus lockdown browser. Students access exams within the lms as they normally would. Taking a test with the respondus lockdown browser niu. If you plan to use respondus lockdown browser for testing in your blackboard course site, students will need to download the lockdown browser prior to taking the test. After you have installed the lockdown browser and launched it, you will be automatically directed to blackboard where you will login as usual.

If you are prompted to run a java application, click the yes button. Respondus lockdown browser is an internet browser like chrome, firefox, or safari that the student will need to download to their device. Respondus lockdown browser and monitor blackboard help. If you entered a password on the respondus options page, give that password out to students or to the testing center. If you enable lockdown browser for a blackboard tests, students will be. Respondus lockdown browser uses a standard windows or mac installer that can be downloaded by faculty or students from the following link note. Respondus lockdown browser niu teaching with blackboard. Taking a test with respondus monitor student guide respondus monitor is a tool in respondus lockdown browser that records your video and audio while you take a test. How to make the respondus lockdown browser required for. University of houston blackboard learn 9 respondus lockdown browser student guide introduction respondus lockdown browser is a secure browser for taking exams in blackboard.

You can then click on the practice test and click begin to confirm that it is working for you. This video will show instructors how to set up an assessment to require the use of lockdown browser and a webcam respondus monitor, to prevent cheating in online exams. If you did not enter a password on the respondus options page, you do not need to give students or testing center any. If you enable the lockdown browser, students must install the browser on their computer and then use it to log in to blackboard and take the test. Respondus lockdown browser is a secure browser for taking tests in blackboard. Integrate respondus lockdown browser and respondus monitor with blackboard learn to lockdown and automatically proctor assignments and tests securely in the ultra course view. Close all programs, unless one is used to connect you to the internet. Instructors may enable respondus monitor for a test as a way to deter academic dishonesty. Respondus lockdown browser guide for instructors introduction respondus lockdown rowser is a customized browser that increases the security of test delivery in blackboard.

When you are using respondus lockdown browser, it locks down your computer screen, preventing you from seeing anything other than blackboard. If you encounter any issues during the startup sequence, visit the lockdown browser help center. It prevents you from printing, copying, going to another url, or accessing other applications during an assessment. When the file download installer dialog box opens, select run to open the respondus lockdown browser installer. Enable the lockdown tool in your blackboard course by going to control panel customization tool availability. Lockdown browser adds a password to exams in blackboard. Follow the instructions below to install the windows or macintosh version of respondus lockdown browser. Access the address bar on their browser or the start button on their desktop. Respondus lockdown browser preinstallation blackboard saas building block instructions.

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