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Be sure to check out tfsource for all of your tf needs. Double is the first kamen rider that transforms from two people. The double drivers linked, they are used to transfer philips consciousness into shotaro. Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates. This video demonstrates all the major functions of the. Kamen rider fang joker kamen rider w, marvel entertainment, joker.

W and skull kamen rider w, figuarts, power rangers, live action, gundam. Unlike the normal transformations into kamen rider double, this transformation is initiated by phillip and the process causes shotaro to fall comatose and transfer his mind until they revert back to normal. Battride war genesis kamen rider double pack by kaiserraiser on. Double driverkamen rider w by jsm1523k on deviantart. Also this text in brackets you have to use for kamen rider w double flash games only. There are also custom texture to create other possible lost driver version rider. If the fang memory is utilized by phillip, the soul forward is reversed, with shotaros soul and the joker memory transferring to philips body. The transformation belt double driver, henshin beruto daburu doraiba is kamen rider double s transformation belt, a second generation memory driver developed for the user to link with philip to access his abilities, and the successor of the lost driver in terms of belt design.

Masked kamen rider w double dx fang gaia memory bandai. See more ideas about kamen rider w, kamen rider and kamen rider series. Kamen rider dx w driver belt 6 gaia memory masked double super. Heres a demonstration video of the fang memory from kamen rider w double. Philip uses the fang memory to transform into kamen rider doubles fangjoker. The episodes of kamen rider w have two titles per episode matching the overall motif of the. Here is kamen rider double pack from battride war genesis. It is a second generation memory driver and its design is the same as the double driver except it has only one memory slot to insert a gaia memory due to using refined gaia memories that retain. This 1 have more switch but doesnt look like meteor driver. This is a list of characters of the 20092010 japanese tokusatsu series kamen rider w and its. Also included fangjoker and joker, which are actually separate characters.

The transformation belt lost driver, henshin beruto rosuto doraiba is the transformation belt, which is shown used by kamen riders skull, eternal, and joker. Figuarts shinkoccou seihou kamen rider w double fang joker completed. He made his debut appearance in the film kamen rider decade. The minecraft skin, kamen rider double fangtrigger, was posted by nijigen. Kamen rider kiva original soundtrack download here kamen rider kiva original soundtrack 2 tracklist 01. When used, half of kamen rider double becomes the white fanged right half, kiba no migi hanshin, enabling kamen rider double to fight like a. Kamen rider double dx double driver super best edition. Unlike earlier models, the double driver uses two specialized gaia.

A look at philips protector and fangjokers gaiamemory. Kamen rider double w, kamen raida daburu is the main and eponymous protagonist of the kamen rider series kamen rider w. Philip realizes that their foe has a gaia driver, and double barely wins with an. Philip uses the fang memory to transform into kamen rider double fangjoker, with his. Daishocker in an alternate timeline where shocker rules the world after the defeat of the double. Being made to protect philip and act as his bodyguard, the fang memory shows up whenever he is in danger or whenever he calls for it. Kamen rider w, or double, is so called because its primary rider required two people to transform.

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